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We are a team of highly motivated, educated, skilled, and dedicated professionals who have a passion for serving our clients. We know that the greatest among us shall serve and that the only way we reach our vision, is if our clients reach theirs. We do our very best, each day, to help our clients add value to their audience and continually meet their goals.
Our Mission

Our mission is to create wealth and freedom for our clients

Spend your life living

Time with those you love is the future, not a blip on your radar

Achieve Independence

The Founding Fathers got us Freedom, you must create your own independence

Our Executive Team

Our team has been delivering freedom since 1999. We have launched thousands of websites, done tens-of-thousands of projects, run full scale marketing campaigns for hundreds of private and public companies alike, have made our clients multiple billions of dollars and continue to serve them because of the success of our strategies and execution.

Thomas Roman
Thomas M. Roman
Chief Executive Officer

Thomas, and the team at Roman Media Group, have delivered thousands of media projects in the past fifteen years…

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Jessica Roman
Chief Automation Officer

Jess is a public relations veteran and expert campaign developer with the single goal of creating campaigns that increase profit for our clients…

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Marmgnormgj Marmgurrmgya
Chief Technology Officer

Manoj is a professional front-end developer with over 15+ years of experience. He specializes in websites…

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Cathy Chief Operations Officer
Cathy Kellstrom
Chief Operations Officer

Cathy has over 25 years of corporate experience from BASF. She is an expert project manager and keeps
all of the various departments operating smoothly and efficiently.

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Dedicated Departments

Our team consists of the some of the most brilliant minds in the world, all with one goal, making sure
your systems are online and making you revenue!

Development Team
Speed and Security

Our qualified development team has decades of experience in all programming languages. We produce industrial grade code that is secure, open source and scalable to meet a growing businesses needs.

Automation Team
100% Campaign Reliability

Our automation team ensures that we properly plan out all of your various campaigns and install them properly with all actions and behaviors kicking off after the appropriate customer action is taken.

Online Marketing Team
100% Uptime is Our Goal

Our team of dedicated server and email administrators work around the clock to ensure your email, website and automation are up and running when your potential customers visit.

Content Team
Powerful Curiosity!

Our dedicated team of writers, graphic designers, videographers and video editors ensure that you are producing the best possible content that adds a lot of value to your target audience.

SEO Social Media
& Social Media
Educating Your Audience

Our search engine optimization and social media team ensure that your content is distributed throughout the right channels and make sure your search keyword goals are attained!

SEO Social Media
Ad Team
Maximize Ad Spend

If you don’t have someone managing your ads, it is like flushing money down the drain. We tweak your ads and refine them using the fractal advertising method to hone in on ads that produce revenue.

SEO Social Media
Research &
Development Team
Cutting Edge Technology

Our research & development team ensures that we are always applying best practices and pioneering new marketing practices to ensure every dollar spent has a maximum return on investment.

SEO Social Media
Management Team
Expert Personal Attention

Our team of project managers work hand-in-hand with our clients to properly plan and keep quality control for web content, video sales letter scripts, funnel development and campaign development.

About The Roman Media Group

Thomas Roman and Lee Iacocca

Thomas Roman with American Business Legend Lee Iacocca at the Iacocca Institute, Autumn 2011. *Photo by Douglas Benedict

Thomas Roman worked at the Iacocca Institute for four years where he was a part of the team that developed the Global Village Leadership Program. Lee Iacocca passed away on July 2, 2019. He will be severely missed. Our team will do the best we can to honor his memory, friendship and mentorship by continuing to improve the lives of our clients.

Roman Media strives to motivate its clients to be very deliberate in setting their goals, having a clear vision, then working together to engineer business systems to realize their vision. We know that our clients want a team that actually get the job done right the first time. Over the years, we have heard many times that, ‘When I want something done right, I call Roman Media.”

Being in the internet marketing business since 1999, we have seen a lot of things develop and get better. We have been through every Google algorithm change, seen every type of website language, tried about every CRM, saw what worked and what didn’t. Then, took all of the best practices we learned and are applying them to make our customers a fortune.

Our team is just so excited to share the life-changing benefits that a stable and consistent flow of new clients brings to a business and it’s team. Literally, with new sales, there is cash flow, with cash flow, life is just better for everyone.

Memberships and Affiliations

Roman Media Group is proud of its work in the community. Please see below for membership organizations and technology institutions where we teach business website development, social media and content marketing.


Chief Executive Officer

Thomas, and the team at Roman Media Group, have delivered thousands of media projects in the past fifteen years, ranging from corporate identities, core marketing collateral, athletic awards, books, audio books and launched over 600 websites to companies around the world.

Thomas is has had a passion for leadership since his youth. He has owned a business since he was 12, when he had a successful landscaping company, Roman Lawn Services. In high school, he was president of his school and captain of several of his athletic teams. In college, he was a student ambassador and on the student faculty council. In business school, he was the president of the MBA association. Since then, Thomas has been involved in politics and in several service based community organizations. He feels blessed to be able to work with such an incredible group of clients and such a talented and professional team.

Thomas is a team builder. Thomas and the team at Roman Media Group are experts in successfully conveying their client’s needs to the RMG team and delivering a result that gives the client a clear return on their investment within the first six months of project completion. Thomas has worked in engineering firms and top sales organizations, which leads him to have experience to lead the Roman Media Group team to get the job done on time and on budget.

Thomas worked closely with Lee Iacocca and the team at the Iacocca Institute in the development and execution of the Global Village for Leaders of Business and Industry Program at the Iacocca Institute in Bethlehem, PA. Thomas Roman strives to lead his company and establish trust with their clients through integrity, honesty and loyalty to his value system and that of his colleagues. He proudly named the company after his namesake for the simple reason that, “The Buck Stops Here”. Regardless of the stage of development of any project, if there is ever an issue or a question, all of Roman Media Group’s client’s have Tom’s cell phone number and can call him at any time to discuss their project.

Thomas Roman earned both a Master in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA.


Chief Automation Officer

Jess is a public relations veteran and expert campaign developer with the single goal of creating campaigns that increase profit for our clients.

Marmgnormgj Marmgurrmgya

Chief Technology Officer

Mänoj is a professional web designer and front-end developer with over 15 years of experience. He has a degree in Web and Multimedia. He specializes in building websites and HTML CSS conversion including eCommerce. He has experience developing multimedia presentations; computer based training (CBT); and has much experience with small and big web site development companies.


Chief Operations Officer

Cathy is a polished professional with more than 31 years from BASF Corporation in Finance and Business Accounting and Projects. She has excellent customer service experience and fosters her positive attitude in building relationships with her key customers and team members. She is technically savvy with excellent attention to details on any given task. Cathy will be responsible for the daily operation of Roman Media Group. She will make sure that the business’s short-term and long-term objectives and strategies are met. Cathy has earned her Bachelor of Science, Business Administration/Management from Centenary University.