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Clarify Your Vision 01
We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world.” – Buddha – In order to Engineer Your Vision, you have to have a clear vision of your future. We encourage you to take some personal time to get exceptionally clear on your vision so you can focus on it and be sure to create it. Download a free copy of Thomas Roman’s Book, The Vision to create yours now! Download The Vision
Creating Your Unfair Advantage Marketing Machine
Dominating your search words across search engines and directories results in MASSIVE amounts of traffic to your website/funnel.

To be indexed effectively on Google you need a website that has four parts 1) Content Strategy: A blog where you post relevant content with your campaign call to action. 2) Tag and Body Text Keyword Availability to Crawlers: Permanently coded landing pages where we code the keywords AND specific geographies for which you want to be found 3) Link Development: Link to and from your site to relevant content 4) Traffic: Have web traffic visit your domain/blog from web, social media and your campaigns. We will work with you in several phone calls or meetings to review your keywords and geographic regions for which you want to be indexed high on Google.

How We Develop Your Funnel
Funnel Development 03
We whiteboard your exact series of steps and landing pages that will lead your client down the path to doing business with you.

This work will consist of us defining your VSL (video sales letter), your webinar, your lead capture form, and your opt-in email and several landing pages. We follow the Roman Media 10 Step Curiosity building format for your VSL and satisfy that curiosity through the webinar, but the key to entry to the webinar… is the contact form.

How We Develop Your Campaign
Campaign Development 04
Think of this phase as a series of trailers when you go to the movies.

Each step of the campaign will have a coming attractions style where it builds up the curiosity for the next piece of the campaign. Then the next piece will satisfy that curiosity, and build up the next piece. After the 6 th piece of content is sent, we will start sending offers that include headlines, offers and deadlines. We will develop a Godfather Offer which is an offer so good, that they can’t refuse, in the 9 th or 10 th piece of the campaign. Each step of the campaign will give them the option to setup a 15 ‘Strategy Session’ with you through your custom prequalification process.

How We Get You Qualified Leads
Qualified Conversion 05
When you speak to a lead by phone, they are already prequalified and educated on how you do business and what you charge.

For this phase, we will develop a conversion process that has four steps. When a person in your campaign decides to take the step to contact you, they are brought to the Roman Media 4 Step Prequalification Process. This process consists of: 1) Telling Their Story: A contact form they fill out that has their contact information and their story on why they need your service. 2) Video Education: A short video describing your terms and conditions of doing business and clearly articulating how you charge for your services. 3) Quiz: They will be asked a short, four question quiz to ensure they watched the video. 4) Calendar Availability: Show your available times to schedule your ‘Strategy Session’ in order to further prequalify them and setup the next step of your sales funnel, usually the meeting or first appointment.

See How It Works
See how it works!


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