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Transform your FLAT website into an INFOMERCIAL!

  • Capture Your Customer’s Interest
  • Push Them Off of The Status Quo
  • Educate Them & Influence Their Buying Decision
  • Get Them Thinking Differently About the Problems They Have
  • Get New Customers & Generate More Profits!
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How We Help Generate More Sales and More Profits for Our Customers

  • The first step is to take your flat website and to transform it into a video website. We do this developing your site on a platform that is mobile responsive with video as the integral call to action on your site. Your website transforms your potential client’s computer, tablet and smartphone into a television screen where you can then, personally, tell them about what your company does, why you are the best at it and why they should choose your firm.

    When you consistently add value to your target audience through personalized video on your website, you develop a relationship and people begin to trust you. You essentially open the space in their comfort zone for them to like you and prove that you are the expert in your field. This takes your competitive advantage off the price and puts it on value. People do business with people they like.

  • The second step is to develop ideas for your potential customer that will educate them, influence their buying decision, push them off status quo, get the thinking differently about the problems they have and ultimately, over time, build trust and break down buyer’s resistance.

    We then work with you to develop fun, uplifting video scripts for your videos by creating videos from: questions your clients ask you; trending topics; web suggestions; tools to showcase your mastery of your industry and trade; from comments on video/social media/blog comments; from what your buyers need and many more. We then coach you on being the best presenter possible, film your videos, edit them, then release them over a period of time so your blog and social media channels have continually updated, valuable content.

  • We utilize the best practices in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). All SEO activity starts with great content. We work with our clients to develop content that really serves their target audience, the best of which is video blog posts. We then write a hook and copy the deep link of your new video blog post and push it through the web, social media and email marketing.

    This creates what we call RMG’s Wheels of Success. Each video blog post, with a minimum of 300 keyword dense copy below the video, becomes the hub of the link wheel, the spokes are the inbound ‘back links’ and traffic is carried along those spokes. Each video blog post is a new wheel, and this new, fresh and relevant content, combined with disseminating the link throughout the web and the ensuing traffic, result in maximized search engine visibility and improved page rank. That’s it! SEO in a nutshell.

  • We help you create all of your social media channels and local/industry listings properly, these include: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google +, YouTube, Google Places, Yahoo Local, Yelp, Merchant Circle, Superpages.com, Angieslist.com, and more! Each social media channel you have is a separate landing page on search engine results pages and the page that your audience lands on in each social media channel. We make sure the pages are setup properly with your correct phone number, visually pleasing banners, a clear call to action and updated content.

    We help you add new, valuable content regularly and manage the posts, comments, feedback and questions from your audience. We maximize social media for your business, with very little time taken from your day.

  • Email marketing is still one of the most successful forms of digital marketing. Email marketing takes a top priority at RMG. We strive to send useful emails that contain real value to your target audience for your company. It is not about what is happening at your company, but what your email can do for your potential customer. We help our clients think about what would benefit their clients, then work together to compose emails that answer these questions. We also put the most recent video blog posts in the footer of the email as links to drive more traffic to your website.

    Another major call to action on websites is giving away some sort of digital information in exchange for one’s contact information. At RMG we call this an autoresponder strategy with an automatic follow up email system. Statistically, people buy after visiting a website 6-12 times. We work with our clients to develop an activity series of automatic emails to be sent to their web leads so they visit their site 6-12 times, enough to break down buyers resistance and increase trust enough to make a buying decision.

Roman Media Group is proud of its hundreds of small business clients it has served over the years.

Please see below to see some of our latest work. Thanks for taking a look!

A Few Statistics

Global Internet Users

Three billion people, 61% of the Earth’s population, use the internet, and this is growing every second. Are you maximizing the web for your business?

Google Searches Per Day

Google Searches lead the industry with 2,700,000,000 searches per day with a 67% marketshare. 85% of people searching choose organic links vs. paid advertising.

Mobile = 55% Web Traffic

The amount of Google Searches from mobile phones a day is 1,485,000,000. Is your site mobile responsive with a clear call to action?

Video Persuade People to Buy

A recent study found that ‘Video Helps Persuade 73% of People to Buy a Product or Service.’ Is your site a platform for video? Click here to read study.

Memberships and Affiliations

Roman Media Group is proud of its work in the community. Please see below for membership organizations and technology institutions where we teach business website development, social media and content marketing.

  • Rotary International - Member
  • BNI - Member
  • Iacocca Institute - Professor of Practice
  • Knights of Columbus - Member
  • Lehigh University - Professor of Practice
  • Global Village Network - Member
  • County College of Morris - Professor of Practice
  • New Jersey Institute of Technology - Guest Lecturer
  • New Jersey Tech Councl

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