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Roman Media Group Testimonials

THANK YOU for all of the efforts and skill that the RMG team provided in working with me on the revisions to the King website. I have thanked each member of the RMG team many times in my emails but I want to specifically thank you, as owner of Roman Media Group.

This project started in earnest about 8 months ago in May 2020 when I spoke and emailed with you and Cathy about my ideas about the concept of what we wanted to do to make the King website look and feel the way we wanted for potential customers to view.

It took a step-by-step approach to get each aspect of the website decided upon with you and Cathy and then worked through with Manoj and Amir. I learned a lot about the process as things proceeded.

We are VERY HAPPY with the results…! The updated King website is now what we need as we start the outreach to the industry to gain awareness and customers. The initial response that we’ve gotten from various parties to our updated website has been outstanding.

Again, THANK YOU, Tom, for all of your help and the RMG team’s help over the last 8 months to get to the point of making the updates live earlier this week. It is very much appreciated.

– Dave,

“You can not imagine how beautiful we think the website is and how grateful we are! This is a true miracle! It gives us a fighting chance!

– Carol Egan, Global Recovery Movement,

Dear Tom:

Your thoughtful and thought provoking input has been instrumental in enhancing our brand and optimizing our presence within our area of operations for over the past 4 years now.

To say that we have enjoyed working with you and your organization would be an understatement.

You, and by extension your crew, has always been on hand to offer up suggestions, value-added recommendations and cost sensitive solutions to the manner in which we have sought to market ourselves.

In light of the foregoing, I would heartily recommend you and your organization to any small to midsize business owner seeking to further enhance his or her marketing potential.

Best regards,
– John S. Salomone
Caring Transitions of North Central New Jersey

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Good afternoon Thomas:

In answer to your e-mail of this morning, Manoj did a fine job of updating last year’s doll & bear listings to this year’s dates. The message below was sent to him attesting to that fact. Thank you for your prompt attention to my needs.

Stay well.

– Jesse M. Kohler, Director
JMK SHOWS/JMK Doll & Bear Shows

Dear Tom,

I am so happy with my website! Thank you for your creative vision, expert execution and patience! I know that besides having gained an expert, I have a new friend.

God bless you and your wonderful team.

– Carlota Holton

The web work you guys have done has made a big difference. We get two to three calls a week from the site. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for all you and your team have done for me. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.

Be well,

– Jim Roche,

TOMMY Sparandera was ALL over it! He did everything we needed and MORE!!

– Lisa, Town and Country Tile

I am so grateful to have found Roman Media Group; I was so impressed with the customer service, skills and dedication of Mr. Thomas Roman & Manoj. I had my website done at another website company and they basically threatened to pull my site down.
Thomas and his team jumped in and saved the day! Within 24 hours a back-up was created and the updates that I had requested were made.
I would like to thank you for your professionalism and help, I highly recommend you for all website needs.

– Adeileh Rodin

Hi Tom,
It’s Lynn Pridmore from Friday’s Demystifying Social Media class. Thank you again for sharing your wisdom and motivation with me.
You’ve reminded me to “Eat That Frog!” ~ a practice I seem to have moved away from (another treasure by Brian Tracy).
I have set a goal to create six social media profiles by March 31st, and to be active on all six by April 30th.

Thanks again for the inspiration,

You’re a good man my friend and I pray each day your life remains abundant.
Hopefully, we can get together soon. God bless!

-Don Kelly, Corporate Values

Hey Tom,
Thanks for all the feedback. Site looks great and now I’m comfortable changing the simple things so we are in great shape thanks to you.
I will get back in touch with you or Manoj next time there’s a more pressing need to update the page if I’m not able to do it. The most frequent things, like updating seasonal beers and whatnot, I’ve already done with ease so that’s great.
And yes hugely appreciative of all your efforts, so if we can show that by hosting an RMG mixer at Tashmoo we’re more than happy to do that. Just say when and we’ll get it going. And by the way, it was great meeting your brother and friend the other night. You seem to surround yourself with great people man! Haha, so please come hang as often as possible!

Thanks again. Talk soon.
– Dave Walsh,

Thanks again so much for all your help with the site. It looks awesome and you guys were great to work with. Cecilia couldn’t have been more helpful. Sorry if I was a little picky at times, and at other times I took a little longer to get back to you guys than I would have liked to. Life’s been hectic, but good.
I’ve just paid the invoice with my credit card through the Intuit payment link. Honestly, I had planned on tacking on some extra bucks just because I know how much of a process it has been, and how much of a deal you provided me in the first place. I definitely owe you.
As for the editing, I have managed to log-in and edit some of the beers and what-not myself already. It gets a little tricky for me when I try to alter the spacing, or eliminate a line entirely, or something like that. Maybe we could find a time to go over things? No rush at all though. We could also wait until a more serious change is need to one of the menus and fix it then and go over everything all at once? Like I said, not urgent, I’m able to change the important things now already on my own…
Anyway, just wanted to update you on some of those things, and say thanks again man. You guys were great and I would certainly recommend you to anyone who asks, and/or use you guys again for any future businesses.

Thanks, and hope to see you soon,
– Dave

I was referred to Tom Roman of Roman Media Group by a dear friend whom I trusted to get sound business advice. I had just started my nutritional consulting company and was in need of a professional website that really conveyed my company in its entirety; mission statement, services, and the type of clients I wanted to reach.
Tom and his team were amazing. Such a professional group of people that always answered my questions in a timely manner and with a true desire to make sure I was completely satisfied and comfortable. The team at Roman Media Group went above and beyond the average web development company, and the finished product, was more than I envisioned.

– Debbie Miccolis HHC, RYT

I had a great experience working with Tom Roman and recommend him highly. Tom was warm, friendly and enjoyable to work with. Tom & his team designed my website and was very responsive to my needs, designing a website that portrayed my business in a way that I felt very comfortable with. He also has done SEO strategies for the site, which has directly led to increased referrals to my practice. Throughout the time I have known him, Tom has always been readily available, responsive and dependable. I cannot recommend him more highly!

– John J. Benjamin Davidman, M.D.
Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry
New York University School of Medicine

Excellent. Brother even if I didn’t* know you beyond a business level, without a doubt you’re the best web developer we’ve ever had, ever. I’m almost not even sure there’s a second place. The order of magnitude in difference is that great.
So when I tell I’m very satisfied with how the website and everything about it has gone well, I’m not BS-ing you. I say “best” because you’re the best on merrits, 100%.

– Joe Pisarri, Jr.
Eagle Paint and Wallpaper and Norton’s Paint

Hey Tom,
Hope your day is going great today. I saw the update, looks fantastic, just how I imagined it. I will be launching my website officially today through social media. I just want to finally take this opportunity to just say Thank You, all of this wouldn’t have been able to happen if it wasn’t without you and your teams help.
I plan to make something great out of this website, and I’m glad to have someone as inspirational as you on my team to reach the goals I have planned.

Thanks again,
– Saulo Terry
Nood Lifestyle

You have done an outstanding job of working to our satisfaction, especially tuning our web site!

Best Regards,
– Pete Critelli
Epec Sales, Inc.

Tom – great job, man! The donation story video is absolutely phenomenal!!
Once again, Tom, you have proved that you are the best video and web company out there!

– Garth Walker, President, National Ramp, Inc.

I hired Thomas Roman at Roman Media Group to redesign our company’s website. His dedication to this project was absolutely unreal. Not only did the site turn out great, but his knowledge in web design and overall branding experience was truly inspirational. There is no doubt I will hire Tom again for our next project, and it is with this that I highly recommend Tom and Roman Media Group to anyone looking for web design and consulting services.

– Ryan Hesse, CEO, Daily Deal Success

I’ve been meaning to write this testimonial for a while now, but thanks to Thomas, I’ve been busier than ever landing clients!
As a first-time digital marketing agency owner, I expected to hit some hiccups… But I wasn’t expecting to spend time each and every week trying to maintain a website. I thought you could set it and forget it.
After our site was hacked the first time, I realized I was in way over my head. I called Thomas from the Roman Media Group. He and their Lead Developer, Manoj, got involved, and we worked through the weekend recovering, restoring, and protecting the site from future hackers.
Whether you’re a local business owner or a marketing agency owner, the RMG support team is a must-have. At the end of the day, Thomas and his team will help you grow (and protect) your profits better than any business course or “funnel hack” out there.
– Katie
Veteran Director
CM Group
CRE Marketing

The website Thomas Roman and the team at Roman Media Group created for me is splendid! I’ve received so many great compliments and comments as well as fabulous jobs because my website is so impressive and easy to navigate!!

Thank you, Tom!
– Judi Benvenuti, Photographer

We broke our all time record this month, halfway through it; we climbed over the $10k mark. (All time high, when compared to the rest of the leaderboard, populated entirely by our site of course.) The $10k month goal was one I’d wanted to see when we made the site. Happy to see it.
Average remains double the sales of the last site monthly, double yearly. I can’t say enough how satisfied I am with your work!

-Joe Pisarri, Eagle Paint & Wallpaper, Inc.

I was referred to Tom Roman from a third party about updating my website. Tom took the time to understand my business and encouraged me to graduate to a more modern and effective website platform. I was a little reluctant but Tom walked me through the entire process step by step and made me feel very comfortable. As a bonus, the cost was very reasonable. Not only was I pleased how the website came out, it is a pleasure interacting with him. His passion, insights, and positive attitude are a breath of fresh air.
I highly recommend Tom and his company Roman Media! True professionals who get things done!

Best regards,
Greg E. Flanagan
Principal & Founder
Emerging Healthcare Partners, LLC

When it comes to creating professional, attractive, and effective websites, there is no company that can surpass Roman Media Group LLC. Could not be happier with the work performed by Tom and his Team. They are highly professional and follow thru with client requests in a timely manner and at the pace of their clients. The design aspect of our site is amazing and captures exactly what we were looking for. We will continue to use and suggest Roman Media Group in the future.

– Khan Owner Somerset Driving School

Thanks for taking care of everything for me. All of your hard work has brought in a lot of phone traffic & walk in business THANK YOU & God Bless.

– James Roche, Peace of Mind Auto

The SEO is working great! I keep spreading the word on how effective this is. I’m getting great leads without spending a fortune.

– Brian Conlon, Triton Pools, Rockaway, NJ

Thank you for the job well done on our line card. You guys deserve a pat on the back for the great work you did.

– Pete Critelli, Epec Sales

Hi Tom, just thought I’d let you know my phone is ringing off the hook this week since launcing the new site! People are calling from many different places; the work you and your team did on the site and on the search strategies is much appreciated.

– John J. Benjamin Davidman, M.D.,

Comments from a recent talk Thomas Roman gave at NJIT, New Jersey Institute of Technology. Click here to see the article.
“You showed me a way to reach my goals and I am still writing them down every day or at least every other day.”

– Monika Graff

I enjoyed the speaker and his exercises were fun!

– Marissa Borschke

Tommy was such a great help, very attentive; from 3 way calling Google with me to setting up my aunts computer in TeamViewer in Colombia. J The good news is that we have fixed the issue and no longer are receiving any junk mail.

– Melanie Lasso, CJ Lasso

It was a good chance to sit down and really think about the opportunities that I have in front of me and to think about the future.

– Jenny Cislo

I thought that the speaker was really different and it was interesting to write down our goals in different ways.

– Maddy Griep

The motivational speaker had some good points and really got me thinking about what I wanted to happen in my future.

– Megan Dellavalle

Dear Thomas,
I wanted to shoot you over an email to get in contact and also to thank you for the personal advice you gave to me. In combination with your motivational speaking it was incredibly helpful in creating a really solid vision for my future. The advice you provided is what I have been looking for for years; a perfect abstraction on how to be successful with the skills I have. Coincidentally enough it was my birthday that week and, honestly, your advice was and will be the best gift I had received. I really appreciated it.

All the best,
Nate Martin

This month we set a new all time record for monthly sales! I’m very excited to see that. Pretty excellent, so far the trend has remained, at no time have we dipped close to or below the old site’s average monthly sales, and its “all time” record has been smashed over and over. Man, I can’t thank you enough!

– Joe Pisarri, Eagle Paint & Wallpaper

Tom, you guys hit a homerun, no, you didn’t hit a home run, you guys hit a grand slam home run. We love the video! People are calling up after they watch it on the website! We are so happy here that we are celebrating. Tell Steve and Mike they did a fantastic job, it’s exciting. Thank you so much.

– Ralph L. Morrissey, President & CEO, Morrissey Moving & Storage Company

I wanted to express my appreciation for the hard work and dedication from your team to deliver a site that has exceeded my expectations. In addition, we are knocking them dead! I have reviewed the stats and found that the average time that unique visitors remain on the site has more than doubled over the previous site.
Again, thank you for building a fantastic site!

– Marc Andreassi
Business Operations Manager – Supreme Modular

Thomas Roman, and the team at Roman Media Group, have earned my complete trust in all technology and web marketing matters. They are very professional and know the technical aspects of websites, Internet marketing and hosting at an extremely in-depth level. They have helped us improve our web strategy and business operational procedures utilizing the most current technologies. New and existing clients contact us effortlessly through our website. The strategies we continue to implement with the team at Roman Media Group deliver tangible results.

– Pete Critelli, CEO, Epec Sales, Inc.

Hey Tom, the response on phones is WILD! We have had a huge increase in phone calls from new customers saying they found us through the web! The advanced search engine work we have been doing with your team has been resulting in a ton of new business. THANK YOU! GREAT JOB AS ALWAYS! Thank you for the ideas and direction. You all deserve a pat on the back!

– James Roche, Peace of Mind Automotive, Lake Parsippany, NJ

Hello Tom,
With our new website being launched, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for helping us get to where we are today. You have been one of the reasons that we have been able to put St. Paul on the map and to invite so many people to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Your incredible generosity of time, talent, and treasure—from day one—has been grace and blessing.
Once again, thanks for everything Tom, it is an honor to have you a part of the St. Paul family.

In Christ,
Fr. Geno
Rev. Geno Sylva, S.T.D.
Vicar for Evangelization/Director of St. Paul Inside the Walls

Thanks cannot be said enough! You have been such a blessing… a gentleman… and a friend. We are doing well because you have been so generous. God bless!

– Ginger Kamenitzer
Program Director, St. Paul Inside the Walls

We run a large summer youth camp each year in Northern New Jersey. We went with Roman Media Group to develop our website and assist in our marketing efforts. We have worked with Tom and the team at RMG for the past 7 years and they are extremely fast with updates we send and are excellent at informing us of new ideas and technologies in furthering the effectiveness of our online and offline marketing.
We have recently made our site 100% iPhone and iPad compatible and we have many people registering from their iPhones and iPads. Our entire registration process is digital, with the option to still mail the applications, and we have more applicants for this time of year than we ever had in the past. I recommend Tom and the team at RMG wholeheartedly for any company’s web and marketing needs.

– Lou Calderone, Director,

When we approached RMG, we had a site that was aesthetically and technically under par. We had to repair the site, and quickly, but we did not have a lofty budget. The task seemed impossible. We conversed with several web developers to see what they offered, and went with RMG. A unique value proposition of CEO Tom Roman – is that he offers web services, but has an excellent understanding of business fundamentals. He understands something that many web developers sadly do not: that every day a site is down or not functional, it loses money. Combine this with a great work, fast timing, and very fair pricing – we were instantly sold.
Tom is also excellent at helping translate your in store operations/values to customers online; he certainly did for us. When the technical teething process began, Tom guided us through it step by step. The site’s development from conception to online status was completed in a very aggressive time frame, and no corner was cut. We cannot say enough about our experience in working with Tom, we thought what we were looking for couldn’t be done. However, when working with dedicated professionals, “can’t” is a four letter word.

Thank you for everything,
Joe Pisarri, Jr., & all of us at Eagle Paint and Wallpaper, Inc.

I have an interesting story to share with you. I received a call from John Rallis at Google to offer me help me with search engine optimization. He asked me specific questions about my business and after performing many different searches, told me that my business came up first each time he changed categories to perform a new search. John was quite honest and said that he although he had called to sell me something, he had nothing to sell because Roman Media Group had done such an excellent job!

Thank you Tom, it is great to be number one!
Kindest Regards,
Dana Hedden
Core Connection Studio

I did much research on websites and webmasters before I selected Thomas Roman and his team: Roman Media Group LLC.
Tom’s technical expertise, magnificent portfolio of website work, energy level and excitement about what I wanted to achieve with my site, sold me!
Working closely with Tom and Mike made the whole process evolve with ease and pizzazz. They both took time to answer every question I had and to enlighten me on how things would come together. The end result blew me away! My website is very easy to navigate. It’s an elegant and simple retrospective ~ truly a work of art, thanks to Roman Media Group!

– Judi Benvenuti, Judi Benvenuti Photography,

A big thank you to Thomas Roman and all of his talented staff of Roman Media Group who put this all together, developing the website, developing the project, aligning social media outlets, and for coordinating this worldwide launch.


Please read “The Necessity of a “Sherpa” for Your E-Commerce Adventure

– Joe Pisarri

Roman Media Group did a great job! This was my first website and I didn’t know what to expect. They walked me through the process and helped with each step of the way. Thomas Roman is super professional, knowledgeable and incredibly helpful. The success of the web site has been beyond my expectations. I receive complements daily from people who have visited my site. I could not have asked for a better design.
The whole experience was great. You should definitely consider Roman Media Group if you are planning on building a website.

– Kirsten Tempel, L.Ac.,

In my own experience, I found that the line “websites that increase sales” was not mere marketing puffery. It was the real deal. Our RMG website is literally making double what the old one did, selling almost the exact same products, despite the fact that our industry is in a slow season. I believe there’s a few reasons for this:
1) The professional layout and look. This can’t be overlooked. Imagine two restaurants with identical menus and food quality– but one building’s front door is caked in a thick coating of what appears to be black mold, the other is a miniature Taj Mahal. Take one guess as to which business will be more successful! On the web, appearance is very important, as is the layout. If the site doesn’t look legitimate, or the customers can’t figure out how to work the site, they will leave and go back on their search engine superhighway to find the business down the street. You have under a minute to keep your guest and entice them to order.
2) It’s not just the building blocks, it’s how they’re assembled. RMG knew how to put it all together, the products, their attributes, the logos, the layout. People that have gone through web designers like a bad box of matches will stress the importance of someone that can put everything together in a form factor like the one mentioned in my first point above. We had a lot of custom add ons and things that were developed specifically for our products as they needed to appear to the customer in fitting with this goal.
3) A side note for Mom and Pops looking to get onto the web. As someone that’s, for better or worse, spent a significant portion of my life surfing the web, I was able to understand every word and every concept Tom Roman was talking about. I was able to check off the boxes in my head and relay to my coworkers: “Don’t worry, this isn’t sales talk sprinkled with $10 tech-words, this is a demonstration of the knowledge base of a been-there-done-that.” There are web designers who take advantage of people who don’t comprehend what’s going on- but RMG is nothing of their antithesis. If you’re not a web savvy person, don’t worry. Tom Roman will break down the concepts and processes to your own individual understanding level.
4) The small business difference. Our old web host was one of the ones that spends quite a lot of money on advertisements, particularly superbowl advertisements utilizing celebrities. Their services work, but there is a catch. Try get a hold of a real live person on the phone to answer your question. I’ve also dealt with a revolving door of tech support employees on email support. When dealing with a small business like RMG, you get to talk to a real human being the same day you make your call, with answers by the time the phone gets put down.

-Joe Pisarri, Director of Web Operations, Eagle Paint and Wallpaper, Inc.

Tom Roman (Roman Media Group) has designed and now manages our web site. We are thrilled with his work and with the outstanding feedback we get from the professional community. Even more important, Tom has revolutionized our marketing approach in our business and is helping us to realize our goals and to articulate our vision. We are very happy that Tom is on our team and we are confident that, together, we will reach our goals and realize our dreams. Thanks Tom.

– Jed Rosen
Rosen and Saul Associates, LLC
201 825 3672

Tom Roman and the team at Roman Media Group are OUTSTANDING at all levels of creation of media. I have had dealings with him in many business projects and recommend him highly. He is one of the finest people I’ve ever dealt with, personally and professionally.

– Dave Edwards
Limitless Technologies
Quakertown, Pennsylvania

When we approached RMG, we had a site that was aesthetically and technically under par. We had to repair the site, and quickly, but we did not have a lofty budget. The task seemed impossible. We conversed with several web developers to see what they offered, and went with RMG. A unique value proposition of CEO Tom Roman – is that he offers web services, but has an excellent understanding of business fundamentals. He understands something that many web developers sadly do not: that every day a site is down or not functional, it loses money. Combine this with a great work, fast timing, and very fair pricing – we were instantly sold.
Tom is also excellent at helping translate your in store operations/values to customers online; he certainly did for us. When the technical teething process began, Tom guided us through it step by step. The site’s development from conception to online status was completed in a very aggressive time frame, and no corner was cut. We cannot say enough about our experience in working with Tom, we thought what we were looking for couldn’t be done. However, when working with dedicated professionals, “can’t” is a four letter word.

Thank you for everything,
– Joe Pisarri, Jr., & all of us at Eagle Paint and Wallpaper, Inc.

I was referred to Roman Media Group LLC several years ago by an entrepreneur who stated this company helped him out in the most vulnerable time for his business, his start up period. I called Roman Media Group and was impressed from our very first contact. The CEO, Thomas Roman, came to my office in NYC from NJ and eminently went to work. Several years later my health care company has exploded and I much of that success to the strategic; well thought out and highly effective media campaign designed and implemented by Roman Media Group LLC. Roman Media Group comes to you with my highest recommendation.

– Kenneth A. Reddan, PhD., CEO, ABS Behavioral Health, Inc.

I wanted to take a moment to write about my experience in working with Tom and his staff at Roman Media Group. I was opening up another company and began my search for a cutting-edge web design company. I am located in North Dallas, Texas and in my 25+ years of business ownership, I learned to NEVER suffocate yourself with a narrow search parameter. I contacted numerous web designers nationwide all with various degrees of “expertise” and experience throughout the country. They all had their standard “canned” pitch they threw at me upon my initial conversation. I parallel all the “one-liners” to that of interviewing for a secretarial or employee position. Sure, everyone has their best game-face on when you first speak with them. Everyone tells you how great they are and what an asset they will be.
After I scraped past the courting stage is REALLY where Tom’s passion and expertise became clearly evident. In this fast-food, unqualified world we live in, I found Tom to be a breath of fresh air. Tom not only knows his craft far better than anyone I spoke with, but Tom is talented, intuitive and insightful. We discussed numerous ideas and after agreeing on a concept and design, we determined a deadline for the completion of my site. Tom and his team were right on point every step of the way. Casey who I worked closely with in tying up all the details and finer points of the site worked long days and nights to be sure that my deadline was met. I was even getting updates from Casey on Saturday night close to midnight and on Sunday throughout the day fine-tuning my site.
This type of customer service is unheard of today. Tom, Casey and their entire staff made this a fantastic experience that I appreciate tremendously. I have and will continue to recommend Roman Media Group unequivocally for anyone who needs an extremely talented, experienced and forward thinking web design company. Great job guys!

– Steve Gupta
Former President, Industrial Ramp Company

In 2007 when we were thinking of starting our business we had all the high expectations that two partners have when they first start on the journey towards being in your own business. That once we told people that we were open, the flood gates of customers would be just too much for us to handle.
Well we learned a harsh lesson, and that is even the most dedicated customers of your former employers – those who most encouraged you to get into your own business, well they just could not take a chance on a new company that has no track record, who does not have credit or credability with their own suppliers, they wanted to help, but their hands were tied.
We did not know who to turn to for help in developing our Corporate Identity, a good friend told us about Roman Media Group, based in Montville, New Jersey and Thomas Roman. I called Mr. Roman and told him who we were and where we wanted to go with our new company. Without hesitation he set up an appointment here in our offices in Quakertown, Pennsylvania.
A few days later there he was at our door. After chatting with Mr. Roman we immediately felt at ease, he explained that he was familiar with our area as he attended Lehigh University for his Engineering Degree and also for his MBA. With his easy going style, and comforting manner we quickly went through who we were, what image we wanted to project and our budget for our website and logo development.
In a few days he was back with what he called Screen Shots, three different ideas of what the cover for our website would be, we talked, he never hurried us, even though we were on a strict budget. We made our decision, we gave him what he calls Verbiage and in less the 30 days he called and told us our site was done, go to and take a look…
We did just that, and there was our site…What was amazing is that he captured not only the look that we were after, but the site just gave us a whole new corporate image. All of sudden we were in the 21st Century business… We needed a new logo, out of thin air his people sent us four or five ideas, we like one but it was not exactly what we were looking for, two days later we had two more, which made the decision even harder, they were BOTH excellent….The investment we made pays off every day, and using the Roman Media Group’s high tech Search Engine Optimization System, we come up right on the front page of Google.
We would say that in all our years of business, and now starting our own business, we have never dealt with a more genuine, sincere and professional person as Tom Roman and the Roman Media Group staff. Sudan Martin, their creative director, was always available, professional and responsive. It was a pleasure dealing with the entire team during the process. You would be making an excellent decision in selecting this firm for your website, website hosting, logo design, print media and ordinary printing projects. RMG now supplies all of our print needs down to our business cards that carry our corporate identity to every person we meet.

– Steve York
Limitless Technologies
Quakertown, Pennsylvania

Today’s business leaders, in my opinion, need to be progressive and proactive when approaching future marketing strategies. The days of opening a phone book are rapidly ending. So years ago one of the new major marketing tools we visioned was through a Website. Who better then my present marketing business partner for 20+ years, AT&T/Bell South. That decision turned out to be one of the worst mistakes I ever made. Every aspect of reaching and correspondence to and from the site turned into a fiasco with us loosing business for more than an 8-month period from that market area. They did bill us on a regular basis though and expected payment.
While relaying our experience to my brother he offered a solution by recommending The Roman Media Group. One of the best calls I ever made.
Tom Roman handled our account personally from start to finish. I have not had one problem since the initial launch and our website comes up instantly from anywhere in the world.
However, the greatest result is how market smart and professional it looks. Tom is a hands on person, extremely intelligent and really knows his website mechanics. He understands meta tags and what it takes to get your site in front of someone when they type in a request or subject search.
In addition, they are reasonable when it comes to changing or updating your site and frankly, if you want a professional, cutting edge website design, from launch through maintenance, The Roman Media Group is the last call you will have to make. If you think this is too good to be true call me.

– Greg Podeszwa, CEO, Skyline Corporation

Thomas Roman and his team create more than beautiful websites and offer much more than just tech support. Thomas will help turn your vision into a reality! I have a small business focused on wellness and life empowerment. When I first began thinking about what kind of web presence I wanted, I became very overwhelmed regarding the look, the content and the cost. There are no words to describe the gratitude I have for the great experience of working with Thomas Roman. He was very understanding of the budget I had to work with. After listening carefully to my ideas, he created something that looks amazing and is simple to navigate. Everyone who visits my website is so complimentary and really excited about what we have to offer.
Its very evident that Thomas’s first concern is the customer’s satisfaction. He is not only a professional, but one of those rare individuals that loves what he does. He is as excited about the project as you are and will not rest until the job is completed perfectly. His integrity comes across in the work he produces and the relationship he builds with you. The great thing is, that as my business expands, I can expand and refine my site with his expertise and support. I never imagined how rewarding or how fun it could be to create my online presence.

– Chara Calderone, Director, Solazzare

Roman Media Group has succeeded in branding my contracting business to effectively highlight the type of work we do. I have received numerous clients who called me specifically because they saw something on my website that they wanted in their home. These people were not solicited; they found me online though a search engine. Now, when speaking to a potential customer on the phone, I can walk them through my website so we can determine the general direction for the type of work they want. This gives me the chance to prepare for the meeting thoroughly and bring any support materials that may help the client with their decision. This differentiates me from 99.9% of my competition.
I highly recommend Roman Media Group to anyone who not only wants to grow their business, but wants to reach their full potential. Tom and his team have a great perspective on life and help motivate you to do your best. Please call me personally if I can be of assistance to you at 973-534-3749.

– Frank Anthony Podeszwa, President, AP Associates Contracting

I wholeheartedly and enthusiastically recommend Roman Media Group. It is rare in the business world to meet people dedicated to the pursuit of excellence and integrity, and that is why Mr. Roman and his staff go beyond the call of duty to provide the highest level of service. For my small business they created a website that not only captured the image and scope of my enterprise, they also managed it in a perfect way. Updates were so prompt, the visual content just jumped out of the page and I would say that atleast 50% of my new customers found their way to me through the optimized search options that Roman Media Group provided in hosting my site. I got countless compliments on my website and consider the tool that Mr. Roman provided me, as the sole most lucrative aspect of my business.

Margaret Wacyk
Founder and Director of the Pianoforte School, Bedminster, NJ

After seeing one of Roman Media Group website creations for the first time, we at Signature Metals asked Tom and his team to make the two websites we needed. They provide product quality, prompt service, and product reliability.
Initially, we needed two websites. At the first meeting with Tom, Tom asked numerous questions so that he could get an idea about which type of website best fit what we intended to accomplish. He then sent us three possible website layouts. We worked with Tom and quickly came up with a design that met our vision for the websites. After supplying Tom with text and pictures, Tom and his staff came back to us with websites that were both professional and utilitarian. He then published the website and made sure that the site came up in search engine requests. We were so happy with our experience, that we had Tom make us another website for our sister company. We have also recommended Tom to another company; they are just as happy with their website as we are with ours.
Since our websites’ premieres, numerous builders have contacted us through the website in order to use our construction system. Many have commented on our website and how it helped them to decide that our company was “for real.” Tom has proven to us that we made a smart investment when we chose his company to build our websites.

Director of Marketing
SMI Building Systems, LLC dba Signature Metals & Vescom

Stone Creek at Cole Mountain, LLC has been very pleased with the results of its website developed through Roman Media Group. Because our company is easily locatable through the major search engines, we have significantly increased the number of purchaser inquiries we receive each month. Additionally, Roman Media Group posts our e-mailed website modifications within a day, is always up and running and the friendliness and professionalism of their team is unmatched. We would highly recommend Roman Media Group to any individual or organization seeking to develop a meaningful presence on the internet.

– Anthony J. Ficara, Esq., Stone Creek at Cole Mountain, LLC

My dream was to start a my own mental health practice. I realized that in today’s market a web-site is essential. I was completely overwhelmed with the idea of creating a web-site. A friend of mine recommended Roman Ventuers to create my web-site. I didn’t know where to start, Thomas Roman helped my every step of the way. He gave me suggestions and ideas specifically tailored to my business needs. He completed the project in a timely manor and at a reasonable price. I know get compliments over the design, clarity and easy use of my web-site. My business has grown and remained stable. I would highly recommend Roman Ventuers for ALL of your business needs.”

– Mark Amoroso, Founder, Adult Geriatric Counseling & Consulting

I have a few words to express my appreciation on how you and your crew put together my website, in such a way that our customers can’t stop telling us that “you have a beautiful website”. I love it!
It’s really gorgeous, in design efficiency, and thanks to you. always up to date. We’ve had activities since the first month of activation, and with more exposure and activity after that.
I knew from the early stage that was going to be great, because I saw how passionate you were. and how much you enjoying doing what you do, it’s a pleasure working with you, and the best part, beside knowing you, you’re very affordable.

Thank you.
– Frank Piteo, President Biltmore Trunk Corp.

Thomas and the team at Roman Media Group did an outstanding job on our website and web strategy. We get at least half of our new clients from people who found our site on the internet. The site that Roman Media Group did for us is beautiful and captures the feeling of a high-end yoga and Pilates studio perfectly. Our customers love it and tell us how easy it is to find information. The site and email are very fast and always up and running. Working with Roman Media Group is more than just working with a website company; they explain strategies to stay in touch with our clients to bring them new classes and opportunities in an easy and efficient way. We have recommended them to many people and know they do a great job. They also make the experience fun and enjoyable.

– Pamalla Schleimer, Owner, Khore Studio, Liberty Corner, NJ

Roman Media Group LLC is an absolute must for creating and hosting your company’s website! Tom and his team provided me with excellent service, and really listened to my thoughts and ideas. The website that Roman Media Group LLC created captures my company perfectly– it fits the “personality” of my company like a glove. Running a tour company, one relies on its customers to be drawn in by the website, without a doubt Roman Media Group LLC helped me achieve this goal. Roman Media Group also produced the business cards for us as well. Whenever I give them out, my clients always comment on them. The stock and design are very impressive and so is the way only certain parts of the card are UV coated, so one is able to still write on the card. I highly recommend Roman Media Group LLC to all entrepreneurs.

– Alana Hoye, President, Ahoy NY Tours and Tasting,

I just wanted to express my sincere thanks for a great job that Roman Media Group did on my website. I have received numerous compliments about the site from many of my business associates and friends. Your professionalism and sincere interest in making sure it was a success is greatly appreciated. You and your staff did an outstanding job.

– Frank Williams, President,

I would like to take this time to thank Thomas Roman and his wonderful staff for all the help they have provided me with for my acting/producing web site To date thousands of people around the globe have been enjoying this fun and innovative site. I have received many emails from around the world from people in France, Italy, Holland, the Netherlands, England and the Ukraine to name a few. I can’t begin to tell you the joy this has provided my fans and me! My site is also very instrumental to my career. Casting directors, producers, and studios have instant access to my info and links to help them to stay informed of my career.
I am very excited to announce that as the CEO/president of Margotta Enterprises. I have once again called upon Roman Media Group to help design my newest and exciting site for my very own clothing line called Danny Boy Sportswear. The site is currently being built by Tom and his talented staff. I am truly thrilled with all of their commitment to making Danny Boy Sportswear a success!
Thanks to Thomas Roman and his company Roman Media Group, I have reached people and places that for exceeded my wildest imagination. I highly recommend all of you who have a dream or vision to create an effective, innovative, reliable web site, or business plan, to contact Tom and his company.

– This testimonial is provided by Daniel Margotta, member of the Screen Actors Guild, AFTRA, Writers Guild west and CEO/president of Margotta Enterprises and DannyBoy Sportswear.

We have hired Roman Media Group for a multitude of reasons. They designed our website and our business cards, both are beautifully and professionally done.
We receive a lot of praise from our customers about our website. It is a site that is visually pleasing, easy to navigate and informative. The site has really improved our business because it gives the customer a one spot information center; and because the site is so well done, we feel it gives our customers a feeling of confidence in our services.
Our salesperson, Thomas Roman, could not have been more helpful, professional or informative. He is one of those rare business people that always make you feel as though “your project” is the most important project. Mr. Roman always has time to answer any questions or concerns you may have. He is most personable and always makes you feel comfortable enough to ask him any question. Some salespeople can be overbearing and kind of make you feel uninformed. It’s never that way with Thomas Roman.
Mr. Roman is a virtual fountain of knowledge in website design, business cards, flyers, mailings and general advertising. He really knows the most effective ways to expand and advertise your services.
We feel that Mr. Roman’s expertise has helped our company become much better known among our target consumers. Roman Media Group has been in invaluable source for our company and we would enthusiastically recommend them.
Rest assured, if you hire Roman Media Group, you have hired the best!

Kathleen Morrissey, General Manager
Morrissey Moving Company

We can’t thank you again for all your hard work on the new Vegas Nites website. It looks amazing and the customer feedback has been off the chart! We have already almost doubled sales with the new site. The new interactive displays and music is great and really conveys the feeling we were going for. You and your team are great to work with, very friendly, quick, efficient and have great communication. I look forward to working with you again in the near future.

– Jeff Baitinger, Co-Owner, Vegas Nites

When I was starting my personal training company, Tom Roman and his team at Roman Media Group helped me determine a winning name and brand. They did a website for me that is clean, easy to navigate, and one where the user knows what kind of company they are dealing with from an initial glance. Since they did the site, I have been getting a lot of inquiries that have led to new customers. The site is always live and the hosting is the fastest I have ever experienced. Working with Tom and his team has been a great experience.
When we first met, he told me he had ten years experience in small business development and providing web solutions to businesses, it really showed as we walked through the startup process and how successful the strategies actually were. I recommend him with my highest commendation.

– Edmond Laska, President, Endurance Lifestyle
*Roman Media Group’ partner company, Brand Frog, helps entrepreneurs effectively brand their company. Please visit to learn more.

Thomas Roman (and the team at Roman Media Group) did an outstanding job deveoping our website. He is always available for updates and is most efficient.
Our inquiries and attendance with regard to our camps have increased substantially since the advent of our website. We have also received a lot of positive feedback about our website.
Working with Thomas and his team has been a delightful experience.

Thank you, Thomas.
– Louis and Linda Calderone, Owner,

Tom, you being part of the LATAMA team has been outstanding. Your direction and contribution has been a tremendous asset. Your expertise and quality of service along with the reliability of hosting our site has taken the worry out of those areas for me. The most important part of all this is the fact that you never put your compensation first. Your goal was for us to succeed not how much money you were going to make. I appreciate that you have always put our interest first. I am delighted that we are working together.

Warmest regards,
– Walter Halucha, CEO,

I have found Thomas Roman and the team at Roman Media Group to be a very flexible and accommodating. They are very technologically savvy and always open to new ideas to resolve challenges and issues. They are knowledgeable and remain professional at all times.

– Rich Goldberg, President, Enriched Communications

The design and functionality of our website has been a great asset to promoting our company. The ease and professionalism of Roman Media Group exceeded expectations. I would highly recommend Thomas Roman and his company to all.

– Teresa Haggerty, Owner, Empower You to Be

I have known Tom for several years and he has always gone out of his way to provide his knowledge, expertise, and resources on the spot. Tom is detail oriented and follows up to ensure that his clients receive the best service. A day after contacting Tom to take care of some IT related issues at Sebastian Resourcing, I had a proposal in my hands and received a call from Tom personally to follow up. He provided us with best-in-class resources and worked with me to come up with a creative solution involving MySQL database infrastructure. Tom runs his business with integrity and a singular focus on serving his clients. I am proud to recommend Tom to anyone who seeks the best in service and results.

– Karl G. Shlegel III, Sebastial Resourcing, New York City

The work Thomas Roman and his team did for us has been very high quality and the service was impeccable. Roman Media Group designed our corporate identity and business cards for McCarthy’s Pub and they made the process easy. They met with me and discussed the initial design ideas and provided us with 8 separate logo studies. From there, they fine tuned the logo to my specifications and got it just right. They were on time and courteous and did great job for us. We plan to work with them in the future and recommend them to others.

– Steve Carr, Owner Hoboken Pizza & McCarthy’s Pub