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Wind Powered, Active Hosting

Modern websites are dynamic, database driven websites. Whenever there is an online database, there is the possibility that a hacker may exploit certain vulnerabilities in the core content management system files or in plugin vulnerabilities. At Roman Media Group, we can proactively monitor websites under our control and immediately update core files and plugins when updates become available so you can rest assured that your site remains open for business when you need it.
This monitoring and updating takes time for our team to properly make sure the functionality of your website is still operational. You don’t just press update and everything works. Our programming team diligently updates core files, plugins and applies patches where necessary on your site. We developed a simple, $49.95 monthly fee that covers hosting and active website monitoring. We did this so you can know your website is backed up and covered in the event of a hack.

Website hosting is also about trust. At HostRoman we build a relationship with our clients where if they experience an issue, there are no 20 minute phone calls on hold just to get verified into your account. Our customers can easily access our team if they experience issues and they can rest assured that we will handle it. This has been our reputation for the past 15 years and why our customers recommend our active, wind powered hosting to their friends and colleagues.

All of Roman Media Group’s websites are powered by HostRoman.com. HostRoman.com prides itself on its environmental stewardship and offers 100% wind powered hosting. This may sound like a small thing, but a business grade, industrial web server has the same carbon footprint as a Cadillac Escalade idling. That is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year of pumping out carbon monoxide for a standard server. By utilizing wind powered energy, your website runs from the wind, effectively giving your business’ digital life a zero carbon footprint.

In addition to our wind powered initiative, HostRoman.com plants one tree per year in each of our hosting client’s names. We are proud to have planted over 5,000 trees in the last decade in the names of our hosting clients.

Business Email
$  2  /mailbox/month
Secure POP/IMAP/Webmail
Premium anti-spam and anti-virus
25GB Mailboxes
Outlook auto-setup
Recover deleted email/mailboxes
Custom email filtering
Free domain and user aliases
Chat via Webmail
50MB Attachments
Complete Security
$  49.95  /mo
SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate Included
Business Website Hosting
Enterprise Website Hosting (+$10/mo)
Website Monitoring
24/7 Uptime Monitoring
CMS and Plugin Updates
Hacking Monitoring
Hacking Recovery
30 Day Backup Storage
Weekly Remote Backup
48 Hour Hacking Recovery
$15/mo for each additional domain
Microsoft Exchange
$  12.50  /mailbox/month
100GB Mailboxes
Premium anti-spam and anti-virus
ActiveSync compatibility
Outlook Web Access (OWA)
50 MB Attachments
Public folders and calendars
Active Directory
Free distribution lists
Free aliases and accepted domains
Free copy of Outlook
Control panel for easy management