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Team Bios

Thomas M. Roman, MBA, President/CEO

Thomas, and the team at Roman Media Group, have delivered thousands of media projects in the past fifteen years, ranging from corporate identities, core marketing collateral, athletic awards, books, audio books and launched over 600 websites to companies around the world. Thomas is has had a passion for leadership since his youth. He has owned a business since he was 12, when he had a successful landscaping company, Roman Lawn Services. In high school, he was president of his school and captain of several of his athletic teams. In college, he was a student ambassador and on the student faculty council. In business school, he was the president of the MBA association. Since then, Thomas has been involved in politics and in several service based community organizations. He feels blessed to be able to work with such an incredible group of clients and such a talented and professional team.

Thomas is a team builder. Thomas and the team at Roman Media Group are experts in successfully conveying their client’s needs to the RMG team and delivering a result that gives the client a clear return on their investment within the first six months of project completion. Thomas has worked in engineering firms and top sales organizations, which leads him to have experience to lead the Roman Media Group team to get the job done on time and on budget.

Thomas worked closely with Lee Iacocca and the team at the Iacocca Institute in the development and execution of the Global Village for Leaders of Business and Industry Program at the Iacocca Institute in Bethlehem, PA. Thomas Roman strives to lead his company and establish trust with their clients through integrity, honesty and loyalty to his value system and that of his colleagues. He proudly named the company after his namesake for the simple reason that, “The Buck Stops Here”. Regardless of the stage of development of any project, if there is ever an issue or a question, all of Roman Media Group’s client’s have Tom’s cell phone number and can call him at any time to discuss their project.

Thomas Roman earned both a Master in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA.

Maulik Tanna, Project Manager

Maulik is a result driven professional with than four years of experience in project execution, and web development projects.

He is a proactive engineer with strong track record of executing projects on time and before deadlines, accurate in resource planning to maximize a customer’s marketing investment.

Maulik has wonderful interpersonal and communication skills where he utilizes it to build successful projects among departments. He is a creative problem solver who thrives on challenges and gets job done. He is diligent and analytical team player with a talent for creative solutions and success in every project he manages.

The experience of working in engineering companies has allowed him to learn diverse parts of the marketing business and perform numerous roles, allowing for success for all customers with whom he works.

Thomas McNabney, Director of Search

Tom McNabney began his career as an SEO and marketing guru back in the middle 90’s, he learned these skills first hand by having his own ecommerce site and online business, but has since transitioned to the role of SEO and online marketing specialist. He is the Director of Search at Roman Media Group and the go to guy with all things having to do with SEO, social network marketing, search engine marketing, and cost per click marketing. Tom is always on top of the latest white hat practices when it comes to SEO and marketing and is very well rounded in SEO and marketing and other areas of virtual services.

Amir Mustafa, Graphic Designer

Amir is a professional Graphics designer with many years of experience in Photoshop and design. Amir has an incredible attitude and prides himself on his professionalism. He is passionate about design and loves creativity. He is always ready for new design challenges.

Marmgnormgj Marmgurrmgya, Lead Developer

Mänoj is a professional web designer and front-end developer with over 15 years of experience. He has a degree in Web and Multimedia. He specializes in building websites and HTML CSS conversion including eCommerce. He has experience developing multimedia presentations; computer based training (CBT); and has much experience with small and big web site development companies.

Michele Dipasquale, Copy Writer

Michele Dipasquale is a writer and editor of over 20 years. She has a degree in English, with a focus on copy writing, nonfiction, and copy editing. Michele knows how to expertly convert your words into more than just your vision, developing your copy into a rich, inviting, enthusiastic style that will draw readers into your website and keep them reading. Michele has a super-keen editorial eye for detail, nuance, and readability that every website needs to flourish. She works with both business and academic sites, and is a voraciously avid reader, as well as an excellent communicator, to ensure your website surpasses your needs beyond what you imagine.

Daniel Zielyk, Video Editor & Story Teller

Daniel Zielyk is a up-and-coming visual storyteller from the New York City area with years of experience in freelance video production, television infomercials, and independent filmmaking. His project list includes clients ranging from local businesses and artists, to companies and celebrities like Apple, Cherry Heering, Peter Rosenberg, Metta World Peace, and Treach from Naughty by Nature. Daniel is highly proficient in both technical and artistic regards at directing, producing, cinematography, and editing.

Annie Lyn Gabion, Google Certified Digital Marketing Campaign Manager

Annie Lyn Gabion is a Google Certified Digital Marketing Campaign Manager who helps businesses to show their products and services to the right audiences and get more customers through their online ads.

Before joining RMG Annie spent 3 years as a Digital Account Manager for Google Australia and total of 9 years in Sales in Beauty and Wellness Industry. After a successful career in sales and advertising, Annie helps building audiences for Social Media Paid Advertisings for different companies in around the World and create customer-engaging strategies for all Google Advertising Platforms (Search, Display, YouTube and Shopping.)

Aside from being a Digital Advertising Expert, Annie enjoys traveling. She loves going to the beaches and exploring nature. She believes that life is an adventure and should live life to the fullest every single day!

Annie is expert in auditing your current digital initiatives to improve its performance and get the right audiences for your business or create and proposed a digital marketing plan for your business to achieve your advertising goal or increase your companies ROI through advertising online using Facebook, Instagram, Bing, Google Search, Google Shopping and YouTube Ads.

If you need help in planning or managing your online ads, please contact Roman Media Group.