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Video Coaching & Business Story Telling

At Roman Media Group, we help our clients to become incredible story tellers. We work with them to develop the skills necessary to capture their ideas, turn them into basic video scripts and then to create really effective videos.
  • Remembering your video: The first step is to remember your bullet points through the memory pegging and association method. – video blog post link from TR Presentation
    • This will take your focus off of what you are going to say and put it on how you are going to present it
  • Think of company videos as a one to many sales presentation
  • See all of those little details in your business and explain them in your videos
  • Keep a running list in your phone or on paper of good, content video ideas
  • Practice makes perfect, keep getting better with each take, keep going until you are a web celeb
    • Don’t think, don’t try, just do. – Ray Bradbury
    • It only matters if you put the book on the shelf

Developing Video Scripts

  • Story telling of your competitive advantage
  • What is competitive advantage?
  • Mood of video? Fun, entertaining
  • What are you asked?
  • What are people searching?
  • Google Suggest
  • YouTube Suggest
  • Tools of day-to-day work show your mastery of your industry/trade
  • Comments on your videos/posts – come up with questions from these
  • Q&A? Answer with a video
  • What does your audience need?
  • Buyer’s guide as a video
  • There are many different things about which you can do videos