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eBusiness consulting

What is eBusiness consulting?

Strategy is a consistent way to get a result. We know the ways to get results from your website in the form of leads, which lead to sales. Before starting any website development project, you must set the strategy of your website if you hope to increase your sales.

We start by answering the following questions.
  • Find the right product or service. Find your area of excellence through which you can best enrich the lives of your customers. Your business should focus on helping your client do more, have more or be more. How are you improving the life of your customer? People buy benefits, improvements in their condition, enrichment of their lives. What area do you bring excitement and enthusiasm? We buy benefits to improve our condition, which looks like a product or service.
  • We will help you properly analyze your SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunity & Threats) Analysis. Once defined, we will focus on your strengths and opportunities and improve your weaknesses and threats.
  • Why should they buy from you? Establish your competitive advantage by focusing on what differentiates you from others in your business. It can be that you are better, faster, cheaper, nicer, smarter, etc. Find your customer. Define your market segment, where will you dominate? Who cares that you are better, cheaper, faster, nicer, smarter?
  • Create goals for you and your team, teaching you to delegate the tasks while you focus on the strategy of the company. Remember the 80/20 rule. 20 percent of our activity results in 80% of our success. This consulting helps you to delegate the 80 percent that must be done, but not necessarily by you. This is the difference between being efficient and effective.
  • Develop the marketing tools and program to hit your market segment continually through an activity series. Start small and test your ideas with small shots.
  • Train your team to be a sales organization where everyone in the company focuses on sales. Develop media that gives your audience immense value that helps them improve their business. Concentration: concentrate all your energy, creativity, people, financing, etc. on bombarding your customers with this valuable media that positions your company’s competitive advantage as the expert in the field in your chosen area of excellence.
We assist you in developing the strategy to focus on the 20% that yields the 80%.