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Content Writing & Content Development

For the most extraordinary new website, Roman Media Group is the ultimate full-service website development company! Our expertise is two-fold: Our designers and developers use the latest, most distinctive, and sharpest technology to create your site and give it the most advanced and eye-catching look, while our creative copywriters work closely with each client to develop ideas into compelling and inviting thoughts, expressions, and declarations, ensuring that your words come across with your intended meaning. At RMG, we believe that your website needs to be the very latest and advanced in appearance, but also, that the written word is as crucial to a website’s success.


Content Marketing

Content marketing is the concept of creating industry specific content, the best of which is video, to showcase a company’s expertise, facility, team, projects, products, etc., to prove to their potential customers that you are the company they should be doing business with and from whom to make their purchases. When your potential client views continual, new, quality, relevant content, it takes competitive advantage off of price and puts it on quality. If they want the best in the business, they use your company.

Once you have great content, the best of which is video, we embed it on the blog with proper title and meta tags and with a 300 word description of the video. We then copy the deep link to the blog, write a persuasive hook, and push that hook and link throughout the web through the various channels, e.g. Industry specific websites, social media channels, email marketing and through your app. This creates a funnel of links and traffic to your website/blog. This funnel of links and traffic, over time, will cause your rank with Google to increase for your keyword sets. People buy after going to search engines because they are specifically looking for the product or service for which they searched.

Continually being a creator of content, then pushing that content through the various web, social media and email channels is the proper way to add value to an expanding audience and how to properly digitally market the your brand. RMG ensures that your content is created and written in a way that maximizes keyword density and that your title and meta tags contain the proper keywords according to best practices in organic search engine optimization.